Refresh Your Shower!

Tiled showers can provide many years of satisfaction when properly cleaned and maintained. However, the majority of showers encounter problems ranging from mild mold and missing cracked grout to the need for replacement due to rotting walls. Most of these problems are caused by improper maintenance – namely unsealed grout which lets water penetrate through and escape to the backside of the tile and uncaulked seams. 

Most shower/tub areas can be restored with a deep cleaning followed by the grout being sealed and the caulk replaced. If we feel your shower is beyond that, it may need a full regrout but unfortunately that is not a service we currently offer.  

Our shower tile and grout cleaning and sealing restoration service can help prevent water penetration by properly sealing the grout and caulking the seams, as needed. Our process will not only improve the appearance of your shower stall or tub surround, but it will ensure a sanitary environment. We only use quality proven materials and our workmanship is the best there is. 

Benefits of Shower Cleaning and Sealing

  • Price - Your tiled shower can look new again for a fraction of the cost of retiling
  • Time - Most jobs are finished in a couple hours
  • Convenience - Our services can done with much less down-time, than renovating.
  • Presentation - Before putting your home on the market, make sure it is ready to be seen. A well presented property can add thousands $$ to the selling price, sell quicker and appeal to a broader range of buyer